Wood Sculpting and  Contouring 

Please note: although it is not optimal, if the full Accelerated Package is not something you can afford now due to scheduling or budget needs, we still encourage you to receive at least one or two individual sessions so you can experience at least some improvements.

In the individual sessions, I will perform a quick assessment before and after, and provide the therapy I feel would benefit you the most.

Packages - Lymphatic Drainage for Cosmetic Procedures:

Initial 6 Week Package Series:
  • 1st Session - 60 Minutes of Manual Lymphatic Drainage Only 
*If you have already had your first session as a stand alone session, it will be deducted from the cost of the series.*
  • 2nd Session - 60 Minutes of MLD - (2-3 days later)
  • 3rd Session - 75 Minutes of MLD plus wood contouring (4-5 days later)
  • 4th Session - 75 Minutes of MLD plus wood contouring (2-3 days later)
  • 5th Session - 90 Minutes of MLD plus wood contouring (5-6 days later)
  • 6th Session - 90 Minutes of MLD plus wood contouring (7 days later)
Additionally, I'm available to answer any questions or concerns that you might have during your treatment, via email or text.
Total Investment: $600
If you find that you'd like additional sessions to further sculpt the areas of need, a follow-up series is available and optional. 
Follow-Up Series (4 Sessions - Once per week) :
  • 7th Session - 45 minutes 
  • 8th Session - 30 minutes 
  • 9th Session - 45 minutes 
  • 10th Session - 30 minutes 
Total Investment: $225
Located within 
The Wellness Collective on 5th 
823 W. 5th Street
Winston-Salem    27101 
I respectfully acknowledge that my office sits on the ancestral land of the Tutelo, Saponi, and Keyauwee people. I honor those who have stewarded this land through generations, so that I may work and hold space for my clients to move toward healing. #HonorNativeLand
Land acknowledgment: